Optical Instruments

• ME-LUX2 Series
• By the ideal combination of the top quality optical components and the precisely finished mechanical systems, ME-LUX2 series Metallugical Microscope offers a solid investment to generate bulk and immediate value, which is secured by KYOWA 's long technical experience accumulated in over 60 years
High intensity dual lamps provide brilliant images under surface illumination.
Turret mounted lenses for safety/ ease of use, with common focal plane.
Objective Lenses from Sill Optics, Germany, also used by leading International manufacturers.
On Screen Accuracy within +/- 0.05 percent as against +/- 0.1 percent offered by Japanese manufacturers.
Full color images with depth perception.
Peak Scale Loupe 10X has precision-constructed achromatic lenses (coated 4 elements, 2 groups), a photo-printed scale and focusing ring.
Lighted Magnifiers
High quality lighted magnifiers for professional and personal use - Made in the USA
LFM-101 has several safety features.
A transparent tube protection cover, made from rigid polycarbonate, is standard.
A hinged lens cover is also standard.
The cover provides dust protection, and also prevents the lens from inadvertently turning into a burning glass. It is removable when not required.
High Resolution- Image can be displayed at a resolution up to 1280 x1024
Require no battery - Power source is from PC/laptop interface using USB wire
Comes with Camview software which enable to do brightness and contrast adjustments
Image display on a PC Screen and can be saved under JPEG or BMP. Simple Connection - Only require one USB wire ac as interface between PC and Camera.
MIGHTY 1525 200x200
Mighty 1525 series comes with a dual closed loop moving control, motor can locate position with high precision when moving in high speed. Embedded Module for controlling the motor. Predigest the interface with PC to and enhance the response speed. LED Surface light is made of 24 groups isolated lamp house. Download Catalogue  
• Our Series of Projector are photoelectric measuring system of The image on the screen is upright, Foot Switch is also included to ease your measurements.
• High Precision and Accuracy comes with DC-3000 Geometrical Function DRO
• For Opaque or Transparent Objects
• Built‐in or Accessory Illuminators
• Durable
™• Comfortable
• ™Easy to Use
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