Asker Rubber Hardness

• Available for hardness measurement with one-push operation and output to personal computer and printer is executable.
• High repeatability of the hardness readings is assured from the flexible joint function and a constant pressure loading mechanism.
• Stable measuring position can be obtained constantly with double slide shaft.
• When attempting to measure hardness manually , inconsistent pressures and/ or speeds are used while pressing the indentor and presser foot. This causes a problem of deviation in measured results.
• To solve this problem, CL-150 Series constant pressure/speed loaders have been developed. Applicable standards refer to this type of loader as a ‘Durometer Holder.’
• ASKER Model F - ASKER Model FP
Exclusive type for foam materials, allowing measurement by placing the tester on the object o measurement.
In addition to Model F, Model FP is available for powder puff.
• ASKER Model CS
This features larger indentor and a more strong spring compared to ASKER C, thereby making it more suitable for poystyrene foam.