192-130 200x200
Easy and error-free reading with dual counters
Feed wheel
Carbide-tipped scriber
Mitutoyo Magnetic Stand accept all dial indicators and dial test indicators.
The ON-OFF switch offers instant mounting and dismounting without any adverse effect to the indicators or work surface.
Series 2 dial indicaors are Mitutoyo's most popular, and have the widest application.
Standard 0.01mm graduation dial gauges having a bezel with an outside diameter of 57mm.
505-671 200x200
Mitutoyo dial caliper equipped with standard outside and inside jaws.
Hardened stainless steel construction with titanium-coated sliding surfaces for low friction/wear.
530-312 200x200
High Accuracy Vernier Caliper
Mitutoyo dual-scale vernier caliper equipped with standard outside and inside jaws
Hardened stainless steel construction with easy-to-read, satin-chromed
Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicators
Designed to probe surfaces that cannot reached with a normal dial gauge.
Useful both for aligment and for measurement purposes.
•Large and clear LCD readout.
•The ZERO/ABS key allows the display to be Zero-Set at any slider position along the scale for incremental comparison measurements. This switch will also allow return to the absolute (ABS) coordinate and display of the true position from the origin point (usually jaws-closed point).
Hammertone-green, baked-enamelfinished frame.
Ratchet Stop for exact repetitive readings.
With a standard bar except for 0-25mm model.
Opus steel gauge blocks are manufactured from special selected steels and carefully machined to provide gauges of the highest quality, following all gauges have the
•Highly alloyed steel
•Hardness to greater than 63 Rc
•Aged and stress relieved to promote stability
•Sets housed in a quality wooden case
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TI-45 Series
Resolution of 0.01 mm
Extremely compact & lightweight
Switch-selectable units - mm or inches
Built-in calibration test plate
Quick display update with last reading retained on the display
Display symbols alert user to poor coupling and low battery conditions
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