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Luxo Magnifier Lamps


LFM-101 combines high specification with functional design, resulting in a long product life. The magnifying head is made of ABS
polymer, combing lightness with high impact strength.
The 22-Watt energy-diving circular fluorescent lamp provides a very high light output with a minimum of heat.
The standard 3 diopter circular glass lens provides a viewing field of 127mm diameter; accessory 4 and 8 diopter secondary lenses
(100mm and 80mm diameter respectively) after still higher magnification.
Secondary lenses snap on in few seconds.
A hinged lens cover is standard; it acts as dust cover and can be used to prevent glare when the luminaire is used for illumination only.
It prevents the lens from acting as a burning-glass and is removable when not required.
A high frequency model is available.  A high frequency ballast offers advantages like flicker free light, reduce power consumption ,
longer lamp life, quick start because of preheated lamp and no stroboscopic effect.

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Electrical Light Source
240 Volt operation 22 Watt circular fluorescent lamp
50Hz Output 1000 Lumens
71 inch ( 1800mm) cable length
Integral ballast mounted on back arm
Lens selection
Image size relative to actual size of object viewed 1.75X
( 275%)
( 475%)
3 7 11 15
Focal length 13" 5.5" 3.5" 2.625"
(Object to lens) 330mm 140mm 90mm 66mm
Lens combination: Primary 3d 3d 3d 3d
Secondary 4d 8d 15d