Product information

Dynascan Vertical Profile Projector PT400EM


Screen Diameter : Fine grain ground glass screen with cross lines. Electronic Protractor: Switchable degree/decimal, 1 minute / 0. 01 degree display. Lens mounted in turret that can hold up to 3 lens, easy to use without taking out to change lens.
Lens 10x as Standard mounted in turret, Optional : 20x, 50x.
Accuracy : Contour Illumination : 0.05%,  Surface Illumination : 0.075%
Work Stage Table Top Area: 350 x 280
Measuring Range X/Y Axis: 201 x 150 mm
Resolution: 0. 001 mm
Measuring System : Built in glass scale
Max Workpiece Height: 110 mm
XY Digital Readout Functions: Zero setting, inch /mm, abs/inc, circle measurement, x/y axis quick displacement controllers for variable background / foreground lighting
Power Supply : Single Phase AC 220 ~240V (50/60Hz) Max Power Rating : 550 W
Mass : 124 kg approx
Optional Accessories: Inclinable centres, V block, Holder with clamp, Pedestal stand geometric data processor
Profile Lamp : 250W, 24V 1Pc (Standard Accesorries)
Surface Lamp : 250W, 24V 2Pcs (Standard Accessories)
Illumination System: All bulbs independently fan cooled. High intensity, twin beam direct surface illumination with intensity controllers for variable background/foreground lighting.

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