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Upright Metallurgical Microscope

  • ME-LUX2  Series
  • UPRIGHT  Type
  • By the ideal combination of the top quality optical components and the precisely finished mechanical systems, ME-LUX2 series Metallugical Microscope offers a solid investment to generate bulk and immediate value, which is secured by KYOWA ‘s long technical experience accumulated in over 60 years
  • Model ME-LUX2-2 (Binocular type, Koehler type incident illumination)
  • Model ME-LUX2-3C (Trinocular type with C-mount adapter tube to accept video and digital camera, Koehler type incident illumination)
  • Model ME-LUX2-3P (Trinocular type with vertical photo tube to accept photography attachment, Koehler type incident illumination) (figure beside)
  • Model ME-LUX2-2L/3CL/3PL ( same as above but with Koehler type incident and transmitted dual illumination)
  • Rigid and reliable construction
  • Wide range of materials applications
  • High resolution optics
  • Attractive pricing for a high quality microscope
  • Simple operation for routine studies
  • General work in the metallurgical laboratory
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Electronic and semiconductor circuits
  • Examination of polymer, paints and coatings
  • Chemical industry materials examination

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Mechanical tube length 160mm
Right angled sturdy construction Right angled sturdy construction
Nose piece Quintuple revolving type with ball bearing function
Focusing adjustment Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, with focus range by 30mm for both coarse and fine
adjustment, per rotation of fine adjustment by 1mm with graduation of 100 divisions (0.01mm)
Mechanical stage ME-LUX2 Rectangular stage with 185mm x140mm surface with graduated low positioned coaxial control knob to
slide stage plate in X and Y axis, with moveable range by 52mm x77mm
ME-LUX2-L -Ditto- but with 160mm x 140mm surface , with moveable range by 50mm X 75mm
for ME-LUX2-2L,3PL and 3CL
Abbe type N.A. 125 condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder, focused rack and pinion
Head For ME-LUX2-2 Inclined 45° binocular head, with interpapillary distance adjustment from 54mm to 74mm and diopter
adjustment ring on both left and right eyepiece sleeve
For ME-LUX2-3P -Ditto- but with built-in beam splitter to divide optical path for 100% to binocular and 0% to photo tube, or 80%
to binocular and 20% to photo tube, and with vertical photo tube to accept photomicrography attachment.
For ME-LUX2-3C -Ditto- but with vertical C-mount adapter tube to accept C-mount video camera instead of vertical photo tube
to binocular and 20% to photo tube
Illuminator For ME- LUX2-2/2C/3P Built-in incident illuminator wih 6V/20W halogen lamp with transformer and variable intensity control built-in base.
Field and aperture diaphragms for Koehler type illumination with filter slot.
For ME-LUX2-L -Ditto- but built-in incident and transmitted dual illumination
Optical Components Eyepiece Wide field and high eye-point eyepiece
WHE10x paired
Objective Parfocal Din type Planachromat metallurgical objectives with specific multi-layer coating for high resolution to increase clear contrast.
M-Plan 5x,10x,20x(Spring), 40x(Spring)
Magnification from 50X to 400X
Standard Accessories Green and yellow filters (each 1 pc)
Daylight blue filter, 32.8mm Ø
Dust cover
Spare bulb. 6V20W halogen for incident and transmitted
Optional Accessories Eyepiece, WH15 x, widefield and high eye point type
Eyepiece, K20 x, compensation type
Objective, M-Plan60x, planahromat Din type, spring mount
Objective, M-Plan100x, planahromat Din type, spring mount
Wooden carrying case with handle, lock and keya
Technical Data of optical components
Eyepieces Field No. Eye Point Focal Length
WHE 10 18.0 20.0 25.0
WH 15 14.0 14.0 16.7
K20 8.0 11.0 12.5
Technical Data of optical components
Objectives N.A. W.D Remark
M-Plan 5x 0.10 16.5
M-Plan 10x 0.25 7.5
M-Plan 20x 0.40 8
M-Plan 40x 0.65 0.6 Spring
M-Plan 60x 0.85 0.2 Spring
M-Plan 100x 0.80 0.5 Spring, Dry,