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Ultrasonic Hardness Tester SH-22


BRAND: JFE Advantech – Japan

Perfect for hardness check on narrow/ curved surface of quenched material

  • Narrow/ curved surface can be measured by small diameter probe (comparing with our model SH-21)
  • Hi durability – More than 1 million measurements.
  • Measurement in just 2 seconds.
  • Static loading method with Vicker indenter.
  • Tiny indentation (approx. 0.1mm).
  • Measurement is not effected by material/ mass of measuring base.
  • Measurement can be done in all directions.
  • Free from periodic parts replacement by adoption of static loading method
  • Upper/ lower limit alarm setting available.

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Display / Function
Model lineup

Model lineup SH-22-S005 SH-22-E1 SH-22-E2 SH-22-E4
Indenting force 1N( Approx. 0.1kgf) 10N( Approx. 1kgf) 20N( Approx. 2kgf) 40N( Approx. 4kgf)
Typical application Press-formed metal sheet
Gravure printing roll
(chrome/copper plated)
Thin metal sheet,
Thin plated sheet
Gravure printing roll
(copper plated)
Gear, Small parts
Narrow measuring area,
Bearing, Nitrided part
Heat treated parts
Nitrided part
(Rougher surface)
(Rougher surface)
Object of rougher surface
Welded part, forged parts
(Mainly adopted to be
equipped automatic
testing machines
Indentation size

Relationship between Vickers hardness value and indentation size

HVxxx = 0.1891 × F / d 2         P : Indenting force( N) d : Indentation depth( mm)


HVxxx = 1.85437 × P / d 2      P : Indenting force( kgf) d : Indentation depth( mm)

Hardness (HV) Indentation size (calculated value) Indentation depth (calculated value) Reference hardness (HRC)
400 0.021 mm 0.003 mm 41
800 0.015 mm 0.002 mm 64
  • At indentation force of 1N (approx. 0.1kgf)
Hardness (HV) Indentation size (calculated value) Indentation depth (calculated value) Reference hardness (HRC)
200 0.096 mm 0.014 mm (11)
400 0.068 mm 0.010 mm 41
800 0.048 mm 0.007 mm 64
  • At indentation force of 10N (approx. 1kgf)
Hardness (HV) Indentation size (calculated value) Indentation depth (calculated value) Reference hardness (HRC)
200 0.136 mm 0.019 mm (11)
400 0.096 mm 0.014 mm 41
800 0.068 mm 0.010 mm 64
  • At indentation force of 20N (approx. 2kgf)
Model name Handy hardness tester SONOHARD ® SH-22 type
Measurement indenter Micro Vickers Diamond Indenter
Frequency Manual probe: about 38 to 40 kHz
Measurement load SH-22-E1: 10 N (about 1 kgf) 
SH-22-E2: 20 N (about 2 kgf) 
SH-22-E4: 40 N (about 4 kgf)
SH-22-S005: 1N (approximately 0.1 kgf)
Measuring range Vickers hardness: 100 to 1000 HV
Rockwell C hardness: 10.0 to 70.0 HRC
Rockwell B hardness: 60.0 to 100.0 HRB
Shore hardness: 20.0 to 100.0 HS
Brinell hardness: 85 to 550 HBW
Vickers hardness: 400 to 1000 HV
(Hardness value in scales of HRC, HRB, HS, HBW
are also indicated fore reference)
(with measuring stand)
Vickers Hardness: ± (3% rdg) HV
Rockwell C Hardness: ± 1.0 HRC
Rockwell B Hardness: ± 2.0 HRB
Shore Hardness: ± 1.0 HS
Brinell Hardness : ± (3% rdg) HBW
Vickers hardness: ± (5% rdg) HV
(with measuring stand)
200 to 1000HV± (5% rdg)HV
(Measuring on stadard block)
400 to 1000HV± (5% rdg)HV
(Measuring on stadard block)
Measurable tolerance angle Within ± 3 °
Object to be measured
Material to be measured Steel and metals which can be measured with hardness standard block made of the material
Size of material to be measured Bigger than 15mm x 15mm , thicker than 6mm
Critical curvature Shaft/ pipe OD: bigger than 10mm
Ball radius: bigger than 20mm
(At use of standard attachment)
Surface roughness Under Ra1.6μm
General Specifications
Power supply AC adapter (100-240V), or rechargeable li-ion battery
Operating temperature 0 ~ 50°C
Dimensions Display unit: 97(W) x 50(D) x 170(H) mm
Probe head diameter: With grip: 20mm
          Without grip: 8mm
Probe length : 195mm
Carry case: 389(W) x 132(D) x 220(H) mm
Mass Display unit: Approx. 405 kg
Probe: Approx. 270g
Scale conversion HV, HRC, HRB, HS, HBW, N /mm²
SAE J 417, JIS B 7731
Resolution 4 digits
Unit 1HV, 0.1 HRC, 0.1 HRB, 0.1 HS, 1 HBW, 1 N /mm²
Display content Measured value, measuring times, maximum value, minimum value, standard deviation, average value
Function specifications
Data memory 2000 data
User settable item Upper limit,
Lower limit,
Measurement times (for automatic statistics function)
Alarm Alarm signal
Output Data output in ASCII code from RS-232C socket
Standard configuration

1 Display unit, 1 Probe (with grip), 1 Probe cable (1.5m), 1 Hardness standard block: around 55HRC (for SH-22-S005: around 600HV), 1 AC adapter, 1 Charger,  1 Li-ion battery, 1 Carrying case,  1 Instruction manual, 1 test report, 1 guarantee card.


Measuring stand

Measuring stand


Example of use


Thermal printer

Application examples of SH-22