Product information

CNC Gear Measuring Instruments TTi Series

  • The consummate manufacturing technique of Tokyo Technical Instruments(TTI) provides the diagraph equipments of the precision for you, the designer owns abundant wheel gear test experience, the product technique function is incomparable, testing various wheel gear of the realm containment, testing the process realization to make to move to turn completely, the high speed turns
  • The full-automatic wheel gear measuring instrument, adopting to synthesize the DDC electronics circulatory system creatively, the simple operation can immediately carry out the fast test with high accuracy; the machine of the high strength designs, raising the stability of the test process; match with the profession test software, thus monitoring it in brief convenient, the data is more accurate to pretend to fulfill.
TTi-120H TTi-150H TTi-300H
Tes t Item Spur/Helical gear internal gear profile, lead, pitch
Measuring system Electronic generating DDC loop / NDG measuring system
Measurement module M0.2~12 (M0.15 Optional) M(0.2) 0.5~12 (M0.15 Optional)
Base circle diameter Ø120 (outer diameter130) Ø150 (outer diameter160) Ø300 (outer diameter 350)
Helix angle ±65º (90º)
Gear width 200mm max 400mm max
Gear length 10 ~ 260mm (350mm Optional) 30 ~ 520mm (800, 1000 or 1200mm Optional
Permissible gear weight 20 kg max 500kg max
Drive system Constant-current drive
Machine Weight 650kg 1500kg
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Max Power Rating 15A
Measurement accuracy 0.1µm